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considered as a paper clip to clip a few relevant articles together.Video Maker FX Review One example is easier to understand, suppose you have a blog about food, we have the category of blogs as Breakfast, dinner Breakfast. Then I wrote an article on the subject and put them Breakfast and Breakfast in the category, but in the article that we will have some tag like eating salty, sugary, every cafe sang..vvv.Va article we use the tag when visitors see the article, if they want to see the article about salty food, they will visit vegetarians tag, from which the articles that you place the tag as vegetarians will show up.

The most obvious difference is that you have to select a category when writing any articles, and Tag is optionally added. If not selected Category for the article article that will automatically be put into a category called "Uncategorized".

Add a difference between Tag and Category that is more structured its default link different. If you use the default permalinks for blog Tag and Category is structured as follows:ên-tagên-category

How much use category for an article is right?

If you remember,Video Maker FX Review the WordPress version from 2.3.2 or lower do not support Tag, which rammed into a major obstacle is that many people use a lot of the category for an article to classify and organize the identify the article. But after WordPress version 2.5 launched the Tag functions is truly a comprehensive optimization solution for sorting messages, instead of using more than 5 category for a few write, now they just need to add the article to 1 or 2 main category, then they added the ability to sort by Tag.

We must understand that is a functional category classification for the article, so a detailed article should use at least one category and at most 3 category. Why? Since you already have the function Tag then, you can add details to this classification instead of creating many different category each category then only have a few threads. For example, you are posting an article on how to use social networks,Video Maker FX Review you probably do not create several categories including the "Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Zing, ... etc ...", please use a main category called "Social Networking Assembly "and more detailed tags like" Facebook, Twitter, Google, Zing "to the tag.

When do we use this sub-category (category I)?

We all know that if we published one article on the sub-category, the category in which the post is still displayed. So for optimal use of sub-category, then you only use when you want to expand the scope of which refers to the category. Suppose you have a category World Blogger, you published an article about blogging professional procedure to differentiate between all shared with the analysis at that time you will have to resort to sub-category.

The advantage of using sub-category will be expressed very clearly when you use permalinks for WordPress, the sub-category links of the form and the user access to her by deleting category / sub-category-name / go. Also very beneficial in search engine optimization.

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