Viddyoze 2.0 Review

Viddyoze 2.0 Review-$400000 Bonus & Discount Since speed is one of the major perks of using a product like this I think that not having the ability to add an audio track prior to your animation being rendered is a big drawback and I was quite vocal about this to the product vendors. They indicated that in the future they will be adding the ability to upload audio to the system for pre render inclusion. However I don’t review things that did not happen yet. I review the product the way it stands and as it stands now this very important feature does not exist.
Besides this there where some minor GUI issues. For example when making a new video the last step is the confirmation screen which looks like this:
At this point you are suppose to confirm all of your video options / settings before you send your video to be rendered. But something very important is mission. There breadcrumbs are not clickable and there is no ‘go back’ button. Because of this the only way to go back and change the video settings is to click the back button on your browser. Sure not the end of the world, but kind of generic and lazy given that it would take about 20 seconds to add a button into the interface.
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