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Oh wait, learn about CodeGuard before,Commercify Review I would say a little bit about selecting data backup tools. We all know that no one is free to use excessive levels of support tools to backup and recover data for both sites, all users have chosen for himself a really useful tool and fit their purpose. Therefore, when someone began to introduce a new tool, the question arises, "This tool is what formidable than the hundreds of other tools?".
This really is a difficult question because each person will have the evaluation criteria for a tool that can be called good, but for myself it separately if the criteria set out to evaluate a good tool not useful, it will be based on the following criteria:
Easy to use.
High reliability.
Matching wallet
More specifically means that you need a tool / data backup services for your website that you really trust, you can use it easily without the lengthy tutorial and most importantly not to the cost of using those tools to be a burden to you each month.
Commercify Review Bonus
Today (09/24/2012) Thach Pham Blog had to temporarily shut down the blog nearly 2 hours to conduct a data restore. The reason is banana here is the data side of the post erased when using the plugin support On-page SEO this SEOPressor, namely the complete loss Custom Title Tag, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Image Post, post Thumbnails ... etc ... in general they all lost except the content and the title viet.WordPress all capital is a compact blogging platform and has been optimized to be less human resource accounting as possible. But that's just the "outlook" if you're using WordPress blog without install any plugin or theme just yet, but if you install a number of plugins that you like and use the more detailed themes complex will cause your blog becomes increasingly sluggish as if it is old come here for a few days each Thach day.How it has been a friend for a support service to back up and restore data for WordPress to name CodeGuard call - a backup service and data recovery free website. Which always take preference for stitching up their security test conducted using as soon as he was introduced. In the course of use,Commercify Review I found the service pretty good perhaps for those who are not professional or no free time data backup of WordPress, so today Thach will introduce you to the pros point of service than other services with the same functionality.
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